Fry addresses on campus anti-Semitic incident


Little Man, Big Fight

Under the low lights of Drexel University’s wrestling room, alumnus Zach Makovsky rat-a-tatted left hooks and thunderous right-footed kicks. The No. 9 flyweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship let each meeting of flesh and leather… Continued


USGA Candidates, 2015

Well the candidates for your Undergraduate Student Government have presented themselves, and it’s time for you to go out and vote! Or stay inside and vote, since ballots can only be cast through DragonLink. There… Continued


Pres. Obama fails black community

After Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, after the killings of unarmed and unresisting African-Americans — one 12-years-old — in New York, Cleveland, Los Angeles and Charleston, North Carolina, the murder of Freddie Gray in Baltimore… Continued


A latte a day: a barista’s story

Before moving to Philadelphia, I worked at a brand-new cafe and coffee shop in Scottsdale, an upper-middle class suburb of Phoenix, Arizona. I worked the register right next to the baristas at the counter in… Continued

Photo courtesy: Drexel Web

USGA to commence annual elections this week

Drexel University’s annual Undergraduate Student Government Association elections take place this year from May 20 to May 27. Undergraduate Drexel students are encouraged by the organization to vote for their student representatives, who will address… Continued