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From Aleppo to Drexel

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Do you care that the tree is gone?

James Mariano: The Triangle


Sometimes the things we love disappear without any warning. In the blink of an eye. Or the span of a day. Valentine’s Day. In the Korman Quad. Have you peeped inside the fence that blocks… Continued

Rebecca LaQuaglia The Triangle

Email storage soon rising to 50 gigs

All drexel.edu email accounts will be moved to the cloud and upgraded to 50 gigabytes of storage, Drexel University Information Technology announced in an email to students Feb. 10. This storage increase will come as… Continued

Daria Nepriakhina: unsplash

On gluten

A new product has burst onto the market for anyone who eats a gluten free diet. It’s called Nima, and in less than three minutes it can confidently detect whether or not there’s gluten present… Continued