Drexel senior presents scholarship mobile app on “Shark Tank”


The hazards of Curtis 231

There a lot of lecture halls at Drexel, and the vast majority are sub-par. Disque 108 has less legroom than United Economy. Bossone Auditorium has writing surface flip-outs the size of a postage stamp. Curtis… Continued


The importance of humanities

Throughout my time at Drexel University, I have always found myself outnumbered as an English major. When I meet another student in my major, it’s refreshing to know that I’m not insane, that there is… Continued

Photo courtesy of Sprezzatura

Student snapshot: Orcel Kounga

Orcel Kounga, a fourth-year electrical engineering major, is not your average college student. In 2012, Kounga co-founded street wear company Sprezzatura, where he heads the designing and marketing team. Today, the company mainly focuses on… Continued


Our commitment to the public

As an organization that was formed in 1926, The Triangle has cycled through many leaders during its existence. Lucky, The Triangle forefathers decided to write a Constitution to ensure there was order to the organization.… Continued