Cooking with a K: Mushrooms

   Mushrooms: the fruit of fungi. Not the most appealing description for something edible, but they can create delicious dishes. Mushrooms have three parts: the cap, the gills and the stem. The cap and gills… Continued

Ari Gold Knows Indie

A few years ago, director Ari Gold (not to be confused with the “Entourage” character of the same name) premiered his movie “Adventures of Power” at the Sundance Film Festival. The film is now out… Continued

New creative team has potential

“Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark” is a musical that many people may call the most expensive disaster in theater history. Opening on Broadway after many halts and delays this past February, “Spider-Man” flooded with excited… Continued

Reading is underappreciated

Namatie Mansaray Is it conceivable for a 20-year-old adult who graduated early from one of the top public colleges in the country to have only just read a book cover to cover? It is if… Continued

Magazine’s retelling lacks facts

Shoshana Weiss “Entertainment Weekly” is a magazine filled with the types of articles young adults our age can appreciate: articles regarding the next best films, TV series, music and books. When I open EW, I… Continued