Drexel’s future highlighted at Convocation

Drexel University’s annual convocation ceremony was held Sept. 27 to celebrate the start of the 2011-12 academic year. President John A. Fry spoke at the event about the University’s future in many capacities and elaborated on the benefits of Drexel’s affiliation with the Academy of Natural Sciences. The ceremony, held… Continued

New master’s program will be offered at CoM in fall

Drexel University College of Medicine recently launched a Master of Science degree program in drug discovery and development to inform students about the pharmaceutical and biomedical industries, as announced in a CoM press release Sept. 9. The program, which is being offered through the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology, encourages… Continued

Crew comes home with first place

Beads of sweat dripping down the coxswain’s face, oars splashing violently in and out of the water, boats neck-and-neck in a sprint for the finish line — and in the end one team prevails: the Dragons. The Drexel men’s and women’s crew teams stroked their way to a victorious season… Continued

Natural gas: The best alternative?

Maxwell Balbin   The likelihood of natural gas to improve our energy outlook continues to garner fierce debate. On one hand, supporters argue that mining natural gas makes use of an abundant domestic resource. Additionally, burning natural gas is easier on the environment than other fossil fuels. Furthermore, exploiting a… Continued

European recession may spread

Shawkat Hammoudeh   Fears of a developing sovereign debt crisis in Europe started in late 2009, but the situation became particularly tense in early 2010. Crisis Europe included eurozone members (Greece, Ireland and Portugal) and also some European Union countries from outside the eurozone. In the EU, particularly in countries… Continued

Sadie Says

Got a question? Send it to me at [email protected]! Dear Sadie, I’m really, really shy and not so good at making friends. I just don’t know what to talk about with other people I guess, which wasn’t a problem in high school when I had the same group of friends… Continued

Cooking with a K

Vanilla French Toast with Apple Syrup & Candied Pecans This recipe was a beautiful mistake that I created this past Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve I purchased a beautiful loaf of Challah for French toast the following morning. As I dipped the bread into the batter I realized we didn’t have any maple… Continued