7-Eleven remains open after crash

A car crashed through the storefront of the 7-Eleven located at the corner of 34th Street and Lancaster Avenue June 6,  and thankfully no one was harmed. According to Drexel Police Chief Edward Spangler, a 59-year-old-male was pulling into the 7-Eleven parking lot that afternoon when his accelerator got stuck… Continued

Lessons learned while at Drexel

Roberto Salome   In just a few short days, some of us will be graduating. While we have all chosen different majors and concentrations, attending Drexel has unified us all in more ways than one. We have all learned some of the same invaluable lessons that can only be acquired… Continued

Drexel, Please Graduate to Better Accommodations

College graduation is a time of jubilation. After years of elementary school, middle school, high school, and finally four (or five) years of college, graduates can take pride in many things. The most memorable of those is having close friends and family watch them walk across that stage, shake hands… Continued

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,   Connect. What a great word! Everything we do is based on connectivity. The decisions of where we go to school, live, eat, shop, work and vacation are all based on connectivity. The economic growth of our country is driven by connectivity. Look at the regions that are… Continued

Stars assemble at Comic Con

Article by Jess Herbine & Anne Most   Comic book and pop culture enthusiasts assembled at the 2012 Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con May 30 through June 2 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. The convention featured celebrity guests including comic book king Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth, William Shatner, Patrick Stewart,… Continued

Center acquires digital pharmacy

New technologies continue to evolve the medical field, and the Drexel Student Health Center is at the front with its QuiqMeds Onsite Digital Pharmacy, a device the center acquired in January that fills a patient’s prescription in seconds, streamlining the University’s student health care process. The machine, essentially a secure… Continued