Graduates win international Imagine Cup

A team of recent Drexel University graduates was named world champions of Microsoft’s 10th annual Imagine Cup July 10 in Sydney. Computer science students Matthew Lesnak, Keith Ayers and N. Taylor Mullen spent the past year creating their mobile application, “Math Dash,” to enter in the mobile game design category… Continued

London hosts first Olympics since 1948

For 19 days this summer, the world’s biggest stage will be in London for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Women’s soccer will kick off the games Wednesday, July 25, men’s soccer follows July 26, and the opening ceremony is scheduled for July 27. The U.K. will be sure to showcase its… Continued

New Bistro is a unique dining option

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state an opinion that may be entirely too controversial for an upstanding publication like The Triangle to publish: I think that it has been really hot lately. And while it may just be me, I also find it rather unpleasant… Continued

The C-Word

You know that time when you taste pure bliss for the first time? When your eyes open to twice their size and your mouth practically convulses with pleasure? I’m talking about eating your first Reese’s cup or slice of authentic tiramisu. Well, I’m here to say I’ve been to the… Continued

Yahoo needs innovative products

Roberto Salome   Yahoo Inc. was once one of Silicon Valley’s top companies on the cusp of cutting-edge technology. In recent years, though, its position has slipped as other companies have been able to deliver more high-quality services. In an effort to reinvent its image, Yahoo has hired Marissa Mayer,… Continued

Sacramento campus awards first doctorate

Daniel J. O’Meara of Bisbee, Ariz., became a notable Drexel alumnus not just because he’s the first person to earn a doctorate at the University’s Sacramento Center for Graduate Studies but also because of his regular commute to the campus, which totaled nearly 2,000 miles round trip. O’Meara, 56, was… Continued