The dynamite has been planted

Douglas HammondMitt Romney’s vice-presidential pick, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, is the metaphorical TNT placed within the U.S. political mountain that will trigger an enormous landslide victory for Barack Obama. Before I begin, I will… Continued

Antennas allow microchips to go wireless

A Drexel professor was awarded a National Science Foundation grant May 18 for his development of wireless networks on microchips. Baris Taskin, an associate professor in Drexel’s College of Engineering, has been researching how to… Continued

Greek org. brings students together

Greek-Americans at Drexel University are dedicated to promoting Hellenism on campus, contributed by the founding of the Hellenic Student Association of Drexel University and the appointment of late University President Constantine Papadakis in 1995. The… Continued