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How about we agree to disagree?

It is imperative that we surround ourselves with people who disagree with us. Yes, our antagonists and dissenters, with their extremely opposing viewpoints, need to sit at our party table. While these people may not… Continued

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Take your time

Commencement is coming up soon, and chances are, if you’ve been here five years, you’re gonna be walking. Or standing, as it happens — no one will actually “walk” at Citizen’s Bank Park, they’ll be… Continued

what to wear

Style guide: Fashion ’16

Towards the end of every spring term, seniors enrolled in Drexel’s fashion design program design their own collections. This year, the fashion show will take place in Philadelphia’s Navy Yard. You will be able to… Continued


Meet the team of Fashion ’16

Olivia Anton, Student Director The Triangle: What are your responsibilities as the Student Director? Olivia Anton: As Student Director of the Drexel Fashion Show, I oversee, coordinate and motivate team members in all aspects of… Continued