The Newspaper
First appearing on campus in February 1926, The Triangle is the newspaper-of-record at Drexel University. The paper is published every Friday during the fall, winter and spring terms, and every other Friday during the summer term. Being both financially and editorially independent of the University, all decisions regarding content as well as the paper’s growth are made by the Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Board.

The Triangle covers campus and Philadelphia news, sports, entertainment and style as it affects the Drexel community. Each issue also contains commentaries and classifieds.

In the winter of 2014-2015, the paper underwent a visual redesign in an attempt to pair its content with more deliberate visual, graphical, and layout decisions.

The Website
The Triangle has had a website in one form or another since the mid 90s. Originally hosted on a staff member’s personal computer, was then moved to the WordPress content management system in April of 2011. The website remained more or less then same until January of 2014 when the site was redesigned to put a greater emphasis on content and ease-of-use. The following year, the homepage underwent a second redesign to give balance to the content that was being shown. Around the same time, the website was taken off shared hosting and moved back onto a server at the Triangle offices, bringing it full-circle.

Special Edition Issues
Throughout the year we produce many special edition issues. These issues usually have increased circulation and are a great opportunity for advertisers to reach more of the Drexel community than a regular issue. Some of the issues include:

Welcome Back – Published the week before fall classes start, to catch up returning students on what has happened on campus in their absence, and to welcome new students to the Drexel community.

The Rectangle – A full broadsheet issue that is released for April Fool’s Day. It features joke articles, reviews and commentaries to coincide with the holiday.