Millennials pushing for Republicans

Each Election Day, citizens make their way to the polls to cast their votes in the general elections. Or so we are supposed to. A quick Google News search of “voting” turned up the usual suspects: voter ID frustration, early voting leaders and winner predictions. What I did not expect… Continued

Interim dean proves to be best pick

President John A. Fry announced in an email Feb. 12 that Frank Linnehan will serve as the permanent dean of the LeBow College of Business. Linnehan has been serving as the interim dean of the college for the past 18 months while the University searched for a new dean. In… Continued

Drexel to remain on quarter system

The University Advisory Committee on the Academic Calendar decided that Drexel will remain on the quarter system based on recommendations reported July 31. The committee was formed in September 2012 to explore the possibility of moving from a quarter system to a semester system, which the provost made known to… Continued

School of Public Health names dean

Dr. Ana Diez Roux has been named the new dean of the Drexel University School of Public Health starting February 2014, a press release announced Sept. 10. Diez Roux is known for her work as a physician and epidemiologist. Her research and teaching has impacted the field of public health.… Continued

Laser spectroscopy eases measuring electron behavior

Guannan Chen, a graduate student in Drexel’s materials science and engineering department, is part of a team of engineers led by Jonathan Spanier, a professor in Drexel’s College of Engineering, that is using laser spectroscopy to measure electron behavior in nanotechnology designs. His work, titled “Nano Letters,” was published Aug. 12… Continued

Drexel Ventures will fund innovation

President John A. Fry announced July 1 the launch of Drexel Ventures, an innovation fund, incubator and technology transfer within the University. The program will provide support for faculty, students and alumni to create new businesses while fostering economic growth and development in the Greater Philadelphia region. “How do we… Continued

Officials investigate Lambda Chi

A former brother of Drexel University’s Lambda Chi Alpha chapter made accusations against one member of the fraternity for sexual harassment and against other members for retaliation against him when he reported it. The Office of Equality and Diversity confirmed that they are currently leading an investigation into the allegations… Continued

2011-2012 Lexerd may be last edition

Drexel’s yearbook, The Lexerd, will be publishing its 2011-2012 edition this year, which is also its 100th publication. Unfortunately, due to staffing issues, this edition has been delayed for several months and this could also be the last Lexerd. Recruiting student volunteers to work on the yearbook has been difficult… Continued