The Long Goodbye of Damion Lee

Damion Lee’s favorite basketball player of all-time was born in Louisville, Kentucky. Allan Houston was a member of the New York Knicks from 1996, when Lee was 4 years old, until 2005. Lee grew up… Continued

A Blue Afternoon

As the Johns Hopkins University men’s lacrosse team took the field May 23 to face in-state rival University of Maryland at College Park, the Philadelphia sky’s cloudless canvas mirrored the Bluejays’ Columbia blue uniforms. In… Continued

Little Man, Big Fight

Under the low lights of Drexel University’s wrestling room, alumnus Zach Makovsky rat-a-tatted left hooks and thunderous right-footed kicks. The No. 9 flyweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship let each meeting of flesh and leather… Continued

Million Dollar Dragons

In July 2014, a basketball team going by the name North Broad Street Bullies nearly reached the semifinals of a basketball tournament called, fittingly, The Basketball Tournament. The team was comprised of a few alumni… Continued

A man and his plan

MEHDI RHAZALI STRADDLES A navy-blue folding chair, his left hand picking at his mustache and watches history dance between two pairs of tennis rackets. A return shot thumps the thick edge of the net on… Continued