Alternative albums thrived in May

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Not only does it fight away the blistering cold, but it also brings sweet, sweet music to people’s ears. And I’m not talking about chirping birds. This past May was a generous month for music lovers as far as album releases go. For… Continued

Howard plays sold-out set at World Cafe Live

“Never thought we’d make it to this side of the pond,” singer-songwriter Ben Howard said after expressing to the audience how good it felt to address a crowd as “Philadelphia.” Communion’s “Austin to Boston Tour” stopped at World Cafe Live March 27, selling out the upstairs venue. Communion, a record… Continued

Albums to look forward to this spring

Almost a quarter of 2012 has passed by, and so far the year has been generous with new album releases. The end of winter also means an overwhelming amount of spring tours. Here are some bands with new records that will be stopping in Philadelphia in the coming months.  … Continued

Pa. natives Punchline begin 2012 tour in Philly

“This is our first show of 2012, and we wanted it to be in Philadelphia.” While Pittsburgh and Philadelphia have their sports rivalries, there is nothing but love between Western Pennsylvania’s Punchline and Philadelphia. Punchline started a short tour March 3 at the Barbary in support of an EP they… Continued

Wombats surprised with U.S. fans

The Wombats are currently touring the U.S. for the first time with a surprisingly large American fan base. The recently released “The Wombats Proudly Present…This Modern Glitch.” The Liverpool natives offer fun, clever lyrics. If you don’t think the lyric “I like girls, girls and fast cars” can somehow be… Continued