‘About Time’ features unusual trait

Ever since “The Notebook,” the most romantic phenomenon in history, came to life, people have had high expectations for any romantic film or chick flick starring Rachel McAdams, but honestly, it is usually either hit or miss. The highly anticipated (and overly marketed) “The Vow” was a cinematic flatline, and… Continued

Fire causes damage in UCross apts.

Residents were evacuated from University Crossings at around 7:45 p.m. June 25 due to a flood that originated on the eighth floor and damaged several units. Students of 14 units from floors 2-8 have been temporarily displaced. There were no reported injuries. According to University Crossings media relations representatives Gina… Continued

Indie producer offers inside tips

The Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, in partnership with the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, welcomed Los Angeles-based film producer J. Todd Harris to the URBN Center Annex March 2 to host his one-day film seminar, “Producing the Independent Film.” The goal of the seminar was to give… Continued

DPhiE’s all-male pageant raises $45K

Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority hosted Drexel’s ninth annual Deepher Dude fundraiser Feb. 2 in partnership with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The sorority raised over $45,000 in donations, surpassing last year’s earnings by approximately $15,000. All proceeds from the male beauty pageant went to CFF, which helps to fund the development… Continued

‘Shafted’ no more: new college an opportunity

It seems to come naturally to Drexel students to complain about our University’s disgustingly high tuition, nonstop construction, registration time tickets and other things we find undesirable. The term “Shafted” has become a household sarcastic quip in every residence hall and classroom on campus. I have noticed that it has… Continued

Top 10 most anticipated films of 2013

If the Mayans knew how many edge-of-your-seat anticipated films were being released in 2013, I’m pretty sure they would have delayed the end of the world another year because even the Mayans wouldn’t want to deny the world of what is to come in theaters. Well, thank goodness they were… Continued

Comedy act benefits 11th St. Health Center

Comedian and actor Bill Cosby performed at Drexel University Oct. 5 in a fundraiser for Drexel’s 11th Street Family Health Services Center. He used the performance to promote the health center and give the audience a new perspective of growing up in poverty. The health center is located in the… Continued

Matt and Kim electrify Philadelphia

Everyone had the same reaction to the description of my Matt and Kim experience: “But it’s a Matt and Kim concert!” Indie duo Matt and Kim put on a wild show Oct. 7 at the Electric Factory. Needless to say, this show was not your typical indie show but a… Continued

NBC welcomes Matthew Perry back with ‘Go On’

One of the best parts of the new school year is the culmination of new television series and the return of your favorite shows. Summer is great, but I spent a lot of it watching reruns of “Friends” and “One Tree Hill,” waiting for my favorite shows to return and… Continued