Porn industry needs regulation

On Feb. 14, a Duke University freshman under the pseudonym “Lauren” came forward to the Duke Chronicle, the student newspaper, as a porn star who works in adult film to make money to pay for the $45,000 tuition of her school. One week later, she released an article on,… Continued

University purchases two closed schools

The School Reform Commission of Philadelphia confirmed the purchase of six vacant school properties for a total of $37 million March 20. Of the purchases, Drexel University made the largest, buying the University City High School property along with the neighboring Charles Drew Elementary School at 37th and Warren streets… Continued

Student’s body found in river

Senior chemistry major Fatima Rahman was found dead in the Schuylkill River around 9:45 a.m. March 19. Rahman had been reported missing since Jan. 2, her information and description reaching news sources such as NBC, Metro and the Delaware County Daily Times. Her body was identified by the medical examiner… Continued

It’s not easy being a teen mom

This past Saturday, women everywhere very deservingly swelled their chests in pride as we commemorated International Women’s Day. I wanted to focus on a certain group of women in particular, women who don’t seem to get much credit for what they go through: teen moms. We don’t really think about… Continued

CNHP Health Center to Expand

Eleventh Street Family Health Services of Drexel University, at 850 N. on the eponymous street, received a $2.5 million donation from the Sheller Family Foundation Feb. 17. The health center is expected to use the money to help add a new wing to its building, which is to be renamed… Continued

Non-profit awards $1.45 mil. grant

A University press released announced Feb. 17 that Drexel was selected to receive a $1.45 million grant from the National Math and Science Initiative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to transforming education in the United States from grades three through 12. The grant was received in order to replicate the UTeach… Continued

Honors dean will resign from office

Dean of the Pennoni Honors College Dave Jones announced at the end of January that he is stepping down from the position, which he has held since 2008. “I thought that this was my sixth year and I thought that I’ve accomplished a lot. I probably feel like I’ve peaked.… Continued

Sophomore to open Homecoming

Mason Payonk, a sophomore legal studies major from Scranton, Pa., will be opening for this year’s Homecoming Dance Party Jan. 25 under his stage name Mason IV Real. According to Payonk, he has been a rapper since his sophomore year of high school. “I started it as a joke my… Continued