Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

With the conclusion of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Feb. 14 and the recent migration of fashion experts from New York to London Fashion Week, it is safe to say that the Big Apple is slowly gaining back some normalcy. Much like the holidays, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week arrives abruptly, spins New York… Continued

RIVAL Bros. serves the perfect cup

Lately, I’ve been questioning whether my caffeine intake has exceeded its limit. Admittedly, it’s time to come to terms with my coffee addiction, but the slight idea of a coffee detox would only induce major migraines and crying. Like many others, coffee consumption has become mandatory before starting the day.… Continued

The Fashion Enthusiast

The Costume Institute Gala is an event hosted by Vogue, also known as the “Oscars of The East Coast.” It is solely reserved for fashion’s elite to showcase their sartorial takes on the latest designs in the fashion industry. This year, the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art held the… Continued

The Fashion Enthusiast

Seven months ago, John Galliano, former design director of Christian Dior, was convicted of assault after allegedly making aggressive anti-Semitic remarks toward fellow patrons at the La Perle cafe in Paris. The remarks made by Galliano were caught on tape while he verbally attacked the couple with phrases such as… Continued

KNO Clothing suits up to battle homelessness

For those of us interested in fashion, it is crucial to know where our wardrobe pieces are made, what fabric is used and theoverallquality of the brand. We rarely look into the impact that our purchases make on the rest of the community. For those less fortunate, such as the… Continued

Les Richards, Ann Taylor dress students business professional

As many Drexel University students have come to realize through the co-op program, dressing for success is no joke. To be taken seriously it is of the utmost importance to dress appropriately throughout the interview process. Today, with such an unstable employment rate, job seekers must remember that the tiniest… Continued

The Fashion Enthusiast

Awards season is officially upon us, and the men and women we adore certainly dressed to impress this year. The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards kicked off the 2012 awards show season with plenty of dapper dudes and stunning starlets. In case you missed the most important part of the… Continued

The Fashion Enthusiast

As a longtime heavyweight of women’s lingerie, Victoria’s Secret is known to pull out all the stops for its annual fashion show. With the combination of a star-studded audience, million-dollar wardrobe pieces, big time performances and half-naked women, it is no surprise that the 2011 show raked in 10.3 million… Continued