Civic responsibilities should trump class

While you were watching YouTube videos in your civic engagement class, the polls were closing without your vote. The solution? Drexel University should not hold classes on election day. Voter turnout in the last election was dismal. Only an estimated 36.6% of eligible Americans voted, the lowest rate since 1942,… Continued

Why you should vote

Election day is coming up this Nov. 4, and if you live within the City of Philadelphia, it’s easy to get a little jaded. Speaking strictly from a mathematical standpoint, our district will be a landslide Democratic victory. Why even show up to the polls, then? Can a single vote,… Continued

Prepare for this flu season

In the course of the past few months, hardly a day has gone by without the mention of Ebola.  News of the virus and its victims has overtaken our country, taking priority on our major media outlets and invading our daily lives. Tune into any television or radio news channel… Continued

Is the University straying too far from its roots?

If you looked at the front page today, you might have seen an article about Drexel charging a new fee to prospective students for processing their application. This isn’t an uncommon practice and it isn’t unjustified: paying people to process multiple tens of thousands of applications is expensive, especially when… Continued

The past is just as important as the future

Drexel is a huge technology hub and has an ever-increasing role in the future development of Philadelphia, but we can’t forget about the work this institution puts into learning more about the past. On Sept. 4, a paleontology team led by Kenneth Lacovara from Drexel University announced the discovery of… Continued