Quarterly billing: a very welcome change

President John A. Fry informed students via email Nov. 19 that the University will move from annual billing to quarterly billing starting in fall 2014, in response to student feedback. Fry stated that the new system will increase academic flexibility, simplify the billing process, and reduce the administrative burden on… Continued

Retractions are for inaccurate facts, not opinions

This week marked the sesquicentennial of the Gettysburg Address, the most famous speech of Abraham Lincoln’s presidency. In a rare and unexpected journalistic move, the Harrisburg Patriot-News chose to recognize this occasion Nov. 14 by retracting an editorial published by its predecessor, the Patriot & Union, shortly after Lincoln gave… Continued

Poorly prioritizing, one brick at a time

Most students have probably noticed the side of the parking garage on 34th Street slowly being covered with red paint — hiding the orange, one brick at a time. It’s all part of President John A. Fry’s master plan to transform our campus; he wants the buildings to have a… Continued

A time of reckoning for unpaid internships

No one likes being taken advantage of, but a certain class has been voicing its discontent more than ever lately. Since February 2012, when former Harper’s Bazaar intern Diana Wang sued Hearst Corp. seeking damages for unpaid labor, many large media companies have come under scrutiny for the legality of… Continued