A brand-new hotel in lieu of academics?

Drexel announced May 5 that a new hotel will be built at the corner of 33rd and Chestnut streets in the space currently occupied by the James E. Marks Intercultural Center. The hotel, The Study at University City, will be developed and owned by Connecticut-based hotel company Hospitality 3 and… Continued

This wake-up call brought to you by Title IX

The U.S. Department of Education publicly announced May 1 that 55 colleges and universities across the country are under investigation for alleged improper handling of sexual abuse reports on their campuses. Drexel University is not on this list of schools, but a few other nearby schools are. These schools include… Continued

Don’t be afraid to fail

At high-achieving universities, there’s a constant pressure to be the best. This pressure tends to be even stronger at career-oriented universities like Drexel, where a primary objective of academic programs is to prepare students to beat the competition in the job market. We’re conditioned throughout our years here to believe… Continued