The past is just as important as the future

Drexel is a huge technology hub and has an ever-increasing role in the future development of Philadelphia, but we can’t forget about the work this institution puts into learning more about the past. On Sept. 4, a paleontology team led by Kenneth Lacovara from Drexel University announced the discovery of… Continued

Innovation neighborhood comes with a cost

There’s been a lot of talk recently about Drexel spearheading an “Innovation Neighborhood;” that is, a large real estate development dedicated to research and incubating revolutionary startups and other technobabble. It was all somewhat up in the air until very recently, when Drexel launched a new website and issued a… Continued

In appreciation of Mark Greenberg

As students, we often feel as if there are miles between us and the administrators that run our school. It’s hard to understand the job descriptions of some of the highest ranking officials at Drexel, but it’s easy, in retrospect, to appreciate all that they’ve accomplished for our school. President… Continued