Into the Vault: ‘American Graffiti’

Before racing pods over the desert landscape of Tatooine, George Lucas was racing cars over the streets of his hometown, Modesto, California. Over the years of cinematic history, few films have so deftly captured the essence of adolescent life and independence as “American Graffiti,” Lucas’ second directorial effort (the sci-fi… Continued

Bay disappoints audiences with latest ‘Transformers’

Half sequel, half reboot, “Transformers: Age of Extinction” is one of those movies that never really justifies its existence. The latest entry in the filmography of Michael Bay—the one director whose finger is never too far from the explosives button—“Extinction” revisits Hasbro’s lovable, shape-shifting robots in disguise for the fourth… Continued

Monster movie hit ‘Godzilla’ stomps into theaters

The kaiju are back, and this time there aren’t any giant human-piloted robots to protect us! Humanity’s only defense against malevolent skyscraper-sized monsters in Gareth Edwards’ “Godzilla” is the spiked, city-destroying, atomic-breathing King of Monsters himself. Released May 16, the movie is an epic reboot of the franchise and legacy… Continued

Superheroes for a super society

Superman exists, and he’s American. Intentionally or not, Hollywood’s obsession with Marvel and DC subject material has led to a pseudo-repetition of the evolutionary stages of the caped crusader in comics while simultaneously making him more prominent in popular culture than ever before. He is not just for comic book… Continued