Hate and the echo chamber

Diversity is important. Not just the kind of “diversity” that Drexel’s Office of Equality and Diversity handles, but a much broader sense of diversity. Diversity of colors, yes, but also diversity of people, culture, places and, most importantly, diversity of ideas. When we as human beings from many different backgrounds… Continued

New quad seriously flawed

So, recently, I was watching an episode of The Triangle Live with Sandra Petri (a great Internet YouTube television program, by the way; I recommend it highly) about the origins of the Drexel Shaft. Most of us on campus today don’t know it beyond an abstract concept of “I was… Continued

West Philadelphia is crumbling

When renting an apartment or house in West Philadelphia, there are some questions you ought to consider. There’s the classic “How close is it to campus?” and “What are the local amenities like?” and “Do I have to pay utilities?” Since we have an urban campus, you also have to… Continued

Philly Auto Show is truckload of fun

They say you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. My first impression of the Philadelphia Auto Show was poor, considering the Ford Motor Company-sponsored breakfast had run out of coffee and was only serving decaf. This was at 8:30 a.m., minutes after registration had opened.… Continued

Protests rock Ukraine

Ah, Ukraine! Home of beautiful churches, Black Sea resorts and, thanks to the great work of Comrade Stalin during collectivization, approximately 4.23 tractors per capita! (Some of which even still run!) Located in Ukraine are incredible cities known throughout the world, like Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Sevastopol and, of course, Chernobyl. Despite… Continued

2013 at Drexel: the year in review

Winter break has ended. Midterms start next week. In an ordinary school with ordinary term lengths I might ask you to “pause for a second to reflect on 2013,” but this is Drexel University and we don’t have that kind of time. So let’s skip the introductions and get right… Continued

Building a secular society

You may have met University City’s newest celebrity on your walk to class. Conversation and controversy have surrounded the now infamous preacher who parades both the Drexel and University of Pennsylvania campuses with his megaphone and bright white signs screaming, “Jesus saves!” While sights like this are nothing new to… Continued

Welcome to the new normal

The government is shut down. Eight hundred thousand people are out of work. National parks are closed. NASA is closed. The courts are working unpaid and will soon be vastly understaffed. Investigations into health violations at food processing plants are on hold. Several organizations that keep us safe and ensure… Continued