Cooking with a K

Vanilla French Toast with Apple Syrup & Candied Pecans This recipe was a beautiful mistake that I created this past Christmas morning. On Christmas Eve I purchased a beautiful loaf of Challah for French toast the following morning. As I dipped the bread into the batter I realized we didn’t have any maple… Continued

Cooking with a K

Bruschetta is one of the most versatile antipasto. The word bruschetta only refers to the bread itself, which is typically tossed in olive oil, salt, pepper and rubbed with garlic after being toasted. Thousands of combinations come to mind when I think of bruschetta, all of which involve some variation… Continued

Cooking with a K

Dessert: to many, this is the course for which we can always find room. Some may lust after a decadent chocolate cake or a beautiful crème brûlée; however, I find the most appealing desserts to be the simplest combinations of everyday ingredients. I chose to exploit some of the greatest… Continued

Cooking with a K

The flavors of summer are particularly exciting for anyone who enjoys biting into that first juicy peach of the season or a perfectly crunchy ear of corn. Taking a trip to Reading Terminal Market could excite anyone’s culinary imagination. I’d like to delve into a delicious dish including fresh U10… Continued

Cooking with a K: Sliders

  The hamburger: the go-to American food staple that we associate with an entire season of the year. From backyard barbecues to trips to our local Bobby’s Burger Palace, the burger is an unavoidable favorite in the USA. The classic burger consists of ground beef in patty form, bread, cheese… Continued

Cooking with a K: Caesar salad

Who doesn’t love Caesar salad? Surprisingly, Caesar salad was created in Tijuana, Mexico, in the early 1900s by Chef Caesar Cardini. Since then, Caesar salad has become a staple on most restaurants’ menus. The salad typically consists of romaine lettuce, croutons, Parmesan cheese and some variation of the classic Caesar… Continued

Cooking with a K: Mushrooms

        Mushrooms: the fruit of fungi. Not the most appealing description for something edible, but they can create delicious dishes. Mushrooms have three parts: the cap, the gills and the stem. The cap and gills are the most flavorful portions; the stem is commonly discarded or used… Continued

Cooking with a K: Basil

Basil: probably the best known herb to have ever graced this planet. The thought of basil may go hand in hand with thoughts of making fresh tomato sauce with your grandmother, picking fresh basil from your garden or eating a delicious pesto. Basil has a sweet-spicy-intoxicating aroma. I’m going to… Continued