Off-Broadstreet brings quality theater to Philly

Philadelphia’s theater community is known as one of the most diverse in the United States. A handful of these theater communities make up the alliance Off-Broadstreet. “I think Philadelphia’s theater community is extraordinary,” Kevin Glaccum, producing artistic director of Azuka Theatre and founder of Off-Broadstreet, said. There are now over… Continued

City promotes healthy diet

Oct. 24 was National Food Day, and here in Philadelphia, plenty of local organizations took advantage of the opportunity to share their goal of planting seeds in this city. of the participants hosting the day’s events included [JH1] the Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild, the Health Promotion Council, the Chester County Food Bank,… Continued

Thirteen artists gather for exhibit

The “Physical Graffiti” exhibit features work from Ward Schumaker, Leslie Miller, Jose Camacho, Dennis Parlante, Laura Moriarty, Astrid Fitsgerald, Susan Maguire, Deborah Barlow, spencer + immler, Janet Filomeno and David Meyer. Walking through Physical Graffiti at the James Oliver Gallery, I was able to view pieces of work from local… Continued

Hip-hop in its purest form

On the last Thursday of every month, The Rotunda ‑ a part of the University of Pennsylvania’s Facilities and Real Estate Services ‑ marks a time for true hip-hop enthusiasts to bring their best b-boy/b-girl, pop-locking, emcee, DJing and graffiti writing skills to one room. This event is known as… Continued