Brooklyn Flea Philly

Northern Liberties is rapidly becoming the Brooklyn of Philadelphia, with its hip bars, restaurants and shops catering to the new wave of twentysomethings invading the neighborhood. And what would Brooklyn be without its weekend flea… Continued

Thrift Shop

As students, there are certain physical and budgetary constraints that limit our shopping habits. However, whether you are looking to update your wardrobe for summer or make some extra cash by clearing out your closet,… Continued

Street Style

Peter Rampulla Finance and entrepreneurship, Pre-Junior Q: Who inspires your style? A: I’m a very big Thom Browne fan, and if anything else, I really like Yves Saint Laurent, but when he mainly worked for Christian… Continued

Holiday Decorations

From a young age I started displaying a small, pre-lit Christmas tree in my room each year for the holiday season and decorated it based on my current style preferences. I have since graduated to… Continued

DIY Holiday Hair

Looking for a chic new way to style your hair for the holidays? Or maybe just a way to style your hair between shampoos without looking like a slob? We visited Crimson Hair Studio in… Continued

Philadelphia Designer Incubator

Tucked discreetly in the housewares department in Macy’s Center City is a room that houses what has come to be called the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, a nonprofit organization designed to support emerging Philadelphia-area designers. Elissa… Continued

Street Style

Lucy Stone | Music industry, junior Wearing: an American Apparel shirt, H&M jacket, Cheap Monday pants, Dolce Vita shoes, Doc Martens bag and vintage sunglasses Q: How would you describe your style? A: I like classic,… Continued