Contest to find memes for education gets started

The Office of the Provost announced its newest student learning initiative, the EduMeme contest. Under the leadership of biomedical engineering professor Donald McEachron, the contest asks students or student teams to submit ideas on how to use technological applications to enhance student learning. “Faculty often create instructional concepts or pedagogies… Continued

Tiger Jaw does justice to punk genre

Pennsylvania’s own Tigers Jaw and Modern Baseball performed March 1 at Flux along with fellow punk band Sun. The show was reportedly very close to selling out, making the already small Intercultural Center basement even tinier. That being said, it really brought some energy to the concert, especially in the… Continued

Zombies visit the ballet in ‘Giselle’

Philadelphia’s own Pennsylvania Ballet Co. has recently added “Giselle” to its performance list, with shows running Oct. 18-28. This classical ballet was first performed in a Parisian theater in 1841 and tells a haunting and woeful tale of love’s joyous beginnings and its bitter end. Giselle, the eponymous main character,… Continued