Liopard Oir Farmhouse Ale lacks complex flavor

One of my favorite warm-weather styles is the saison, which I have been missing the past few months. So in honor of the return of air conditioning season, I took a browse through the Belgian style section and came away with Lavery Brewing Co.’s Liopard Oir Farmhouse Ale. Lavery Brewing… Continued

Bourbon barrels lend malty vanilla notes to Heresy beer

Last week I wrote about Weyerbacher’s Insanity, a barrel aged barleywine. Well, this week I couldn’t resist cracking open Heresy, the bourbon barrel-aged version of Old Heathen, Weyerbacher’s Russian Imperial Stout. Why this sudden interest in barrel-aged beer, you may ask? Well, the superficial reasons are that I happen to… Continued

Insanity lacks hop flavor

There are a few beers that I keep my eye out for, and this week I ran across two of them, Weyerbacher Brewing Co.’s Insanity and Heresy. I’m saving the Heresy for another time, but I couldn’t resist cracking open the Insanity. Weyerbacher markets its Blithering Idiot English barleywine year… Continued

Cidery notes in Tripel brew

This week has been rather warm, so I decided to crack open a lighter beer. I’ve been doing a lot of IPAs, so I went with a Belgian instead, grabbing Moab Brewery’s Tripel. Moab was started in 1996 by John Borkoski and Dave Sabey and claims to be the only… Continued

Oaky taste and cherry notes follow Devil’s Cut

American whiskey has been undergoing a bit of a renaissance of late, with many microdistilleries popping up to meet the demand for craft liquor. The big labels, however, are certainly not to be counted out, and several have begun releasing new products to cater to their new customers. Jim Beam… Continued

Imperial India contains sweet taste, piny aroma

As the weather has warmed up, I have begun to crave some more hops. I love barleywines, especially during the winter, but I’ve been suffering withdrawal from a lack of fresh hops. To remedy this, I grabbed a bottle of Rogue Ales’ XS Imperial India Pale Ale. This beer is… Continued

Sierra Nevada Torpedo offers malty sweetness

The beer I selected for this week is a favorite of mine from the old, dependable Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Sierra Nevada was founded in 1979 by Ken Grossman and Paul Camusi, two homebrewers who wanted to turn their hobby into a career. The company started in Chico, Calif., and… Continued

Old Grand-Dad boasts overpowering flavors

This week I am reviving a long-dormant section of my column: the liquor review. I love American whiskeys, and I try to review things that are interesting but within the price range of a student, so I picked up a bottle of Old Grand-Dad 114. Most whiskey is sold between… Continued