‘To Fool The Eye’ lacks full potential

“To Fool The Eye,” 1812 Productions’ adaptation of Jean Anouilh’s “Leocadia” by Jeffrey Hatcher, does admittedly feature visuals worthy of the play’s title. A rotating backdrop, clever lighting, quality costume design and a variety of visual gags are all executed very well and contributed a great deal to the production… Continued

‘Shaking Through’ event disappoints

Johnny Brenda’s featured a fundraiser Jan. 12 for Weathervane Music, a Philadelphia-based nonprofit known for producing the Web video series “Shaking Through,” which documents “the birth of a song.” More specifically, up-and-coming artists write and record a song in two days, and the whole process is filmed, recorded and released… Continued

Han Dynasty’s Sichuan cuisine is triumphant

Chinese food has, ironically enough, become a staple for Americans everywhere. However, the food has become an unrecognizable shadow of its true self — everything is fried, sauces are thick and bland, and the food imparts feelings of lethargy and self-hatred when consumed in large quantities. Han Dynasty, which recently… Continued

New Bistro is a unique dining option

I’m going to go out on a limb here and state an opinion that may be entirely too controversial for an upstanding publication like The Triangle to publish: I think that it has been really hot lately. And while it may just be me, I also find it rather unpleasant… Continued

The Roots Picnic impresses fans

The Roots Picnic, a music festival curated by The Roots, returned to The Penn’s Landing Festival Pier June 2 for its fifth year. The picnic has become known for its eclectic lineups, and this year it ran the gamut from underground hip-hop (Danny Brown, Mr. Mutha—–n’ eXquire, Shabazz Palaces), old-school… Continued

SquareBurger proves to be overhyped

Franklin Square is one of the more whimsical destinations in Philadelphia. Between the carousel, the prominent fountain, and the miniature golf course featuring replicas of notable Philly monuments, an establishment like Stephen Starr’s SquareBurger fits right in. Situated in a stand near the middle of Franklin Square, SquareBurger, thanks to… Continued