Letter to the Editor – Campus transformation

Dear Editor: My colleague and friend Robert Zaller, whose observations are always of interest, seems to have gotten it wrong with respect to the newly designed Drexel campus in his editorial of Oct. 10. He writes that “[t]he plaza in front of MacAlister-Creese, which, granted, was a concrete wilderness, has now… Continued

Moo Over This | Vitamins for vegetarians

Vegetarians, especially vegans, are often questioned about nutrition deficiency. This can be valid concern based on a vegetarian’s dietary choices, as one could theoretically just eat pizza and fries on a vegetarian regimen, but a well-balanced diet is always important regardless of one’s lifestyle or philosophy on eating. Opponents of… Continued

Thanksgiving erosion

On its 150th anniversary, Thanksgiving doesn’t look like what it used to. While the feast has been attributed to the Puritans’ celebration in 1621, the modern holiday was declared by Abraham Lincoln in November 1863 to celebrate the Union’s advances in the Civil War. For Lincoln, winning the war meant… Continued

Intellectual property rights unknown to students

“IP? Internet Protocol?” “What’s ‘IP’ stand for? International policy?” Shockingly, those were the two most common responses that I received from Drexel students when asking them if they knew what IP stood for and what it represented to them. Drexel has long been a school that prides itself on the… Continued

Made in Pennsylvania

As the leaders of Pennsylvania research universities, we represent institutions that are large and small; private and public; urban and rural; ivy and land grant. Yet for our many differences, we are united in our commitment to serving the public good. We’re grateful for the support that taxpayers have shown… Continued

Morals for sale in Washington

This past week, Liz Cheney created something of a stir by stating her support for the traditional definition of marriage on Fox News. As a Republican candidate for the 2014 Wyoming senatorial election, it should not be at all surprising for her to make a statement on the GOP’s propaganda… Continued

Israel’s security key to a stable Middle East

On Oct. 29, Israel released 26 Palestinian prisoners: 21 to the West Bank and five to the Gaza Strip. The release is the second of four being made by Israel in an attempt to bring the Palestinian Authority back to peace negotiations. While these prisoners were welcomed by their families… Continued

Moo Over This | Dining with vegetarians

I have gone to plenty of not-vegetarian-friendly restaurants with many nonvegetarian friends. Although it may seem to present itself as a dilemma, eating out with omnivores can be a worthwhile experience. A menu at a primarily steak-and-potatoes joint can be daunting. I’m fairly sure your server won’t know which burger… Continued

Abusing and misusing the news

News used to be a simple reporting of facts. People who wanted to know what was happening in places like Korea, India, Cleveland or Bosnia tuned in to the news and listened to the facts. Yes, believe it or not, people used to listen to the news so that they… Continued