Abusing and misusing the news

News used to be a simple reporting of facts. People who wanted to know what was happening in places like Korea, India, Cleveland or Bosnia tuned in to the news and listened to the facts.… Continued

Corruption in the House

A few days ago, something really crazy happened in the House of Representatives, and you probably haven’t heard a word about it. To understand the depths of this crazy, however, we have to take a… Continued

Is re-execution moral?

Many kinds of miracles exist in this world. Frankly, I believe that coming back to life from death is definitely one of the most dramatic miracles that a person can ever experience. Furthermore, if a… Continued

The folly of objectivism

There is, perhaps, nothing more insulting to university students than to be told, however politely, that their major is worthless. A waste of time. Or, my favorite term “the stupidest thing to invest four years… Continued

ACA good for economy

One of the U.S.’ most hot-button topics today is health care reform, which was recently brought to the forefront of debate on the floor of Congress and the dinner tables of families alike, in part… Continued