In Reverence to the Runners

I don’t like running. Never have. It’s something that I will go out of my way to avoid. Going for a nice run on the Schuylkill River Trail is not my idea of an enjoyable time. I mean, how can you even watch Netflix while you’re out there pounding the… Continued

Rob Delaney performs at the Troc

Comedian Rob Delaney performed at a sold-out Trocadero Theatre March 28. Hundreds flocked to the storied venue to see one of the funniest people on Twitter live in the flesh. For over an hour, Delaney delivered a raunchy stand-up routine that delighted the crowd and had attendees smiling on their… Continued

Dr. Dog rocks out to sold-out crowd

There was palpable energy emanating from the crowd in the Electric Factory Feb. 1. The doors had only been open for half an hour and the venue was already three-quarters full with a wide variety of patrons. There were plenty of 20-somethings like myself but also a ton of older… Continued

Dr. Dog’s McMicken talks new tour

On Jan. 14, I had the chance to do a phone interview with Scott McMicken of the indie rock band Dr. Dog. McMicken, along with childhood friend Toby Leaman, make up the core of the band from West Grove, Pa. Although the band has had different members over the years,… Continued

Russell’s latest shoots for ’70s romp but ends a mess

In a holiday season that has been rife with blockbuster hits, “American Hustle” was the movie whose trailer really caught my eye. Maybe it was seeing that David O. Russell was directing — after all, he directed my favorite movie of last year, “Silver Linings Playbook,” and is one of… Continued