Worldly terroirs vary by taste, aroma

Chardonnay was the first wine I fell in love with. It was simple, just fruity enough, easy to drink and didn’t leave a stain if I accidentally spilled it on my clothes while I worked on sophisticating my swirling techniques. I loved it so much that I decided to branch out… Continued

Portuguese wines combine elegance and affordability

Portuguese wines use a blend of indigenous grapes which lends each wine a distinctive aroma and flavor. Winemakers in Portugal have recently began creating sophisticated wines without the expensive price tag. Usually I’m not savvy, trend-seeking, or on the hunt for the next big thing. But when it comes to… Continued

Replace cocktails with winetails

If drinks were like college, then wine would be the Ivy League school. Drinking it is more impressive than conquering a 15-second keg stand at a state school, and because it comes from countries all over the world, wine is far more cultured than anything else you can purchase in… Continued

Vinho Verde quenches thirst

Vinho Verde, which translates to “green wine,” offers a light, citrusy flavor. Most Americans haven’t heard of Vinho Verde and typically reach for the more popular pinot grigio. Even wine lovers like myself can truly appreciate the revitalizing qualities of a cool, crisp beer every now and then. I used… Continued