Earle Mack to offer 2-year option

The Earle Mack School of Law announced a new accelerated Juris Doctor program called Fast Forward April 1. The program will begin in May 2014, offering around 30 graduate students the opportunity to complete their degree in just two years at no additional cost from the existing three-year option. With… Continued

Timberlake makes long-awaited return with an unexpected sound

Justin Timberlake is thankfully back on the radar in promotion of his already blogged-to-death third studio album, “The 20/20 Experience,” out March 19. This media tour brought him to “Saturday Night Live” March 9, where he donned a tofu suit, reunited with Lonely Island partner Andy Samberg and was inducted… Continued

Finals drive undergraduates to illegal Adderall use

Finals week officially begins March 18 on Drexel University’s campus, and the days and weeks leading up to it pit many students against a bevy of papers, exams and group projects. After all, this is the university that asks students to “Live it 24/7,” where a term is just 10… Continued

Homecoming show packs the Armory

Much about Drexel’s Homecoming Dance Party 2013, held Jan. 26 in the Armory, was out of the ordinary — most notably Drexel Traditions’ decision to bill its widest-known performer, Waka Flocka Flame, as the first headlining act of the night. The rapper’s performance began at roughly 8:30 p.m., when about… Continued

The xx dazzles Philly with rescheduled show

I’m a firm believer that every music lover should develop a bucket list of shows they absolutely must see before they disappear into the ether. Live music has a way of elevating and refreshing an artist’s source material, uniting people through intimate emotions expressed in song. It’s pretty freaking magical.… Continued

Action and heart abound in ‘Skyfall,’ a new classic

On more than one occasion in “Skyfall,” James Bond (Daniel Craig) obediently returns to M (Judi Dench) after an intense brush with death, only to have her fire off her famous line: “Where the hell have you been?” It’s a question audiences have been asking since 2008, when the hackneyed… Continued

Gift will fund community center

A $10 million gift to Drexel University will soon transform a portion of the 3500 block of Spring Garden Street into a community center that will offer local residents science, technology, engineering and mathematics education programs; digital access; and healthy living education, as announced Oct. 4 by President John A.… Continued