Into the Vault: ‘American Graffiti’

Before racing pods over the desert landscape of Tatooine, George Lucas was racing cars over the streets of his hometown, Modesto, California. Over the years of cinematic history, few films have so deftly captured the essence of adolescent life and independence as “American Graffiti,” Lucas’ second directorial effort (the sci-fi… Continued

Abita Brewing Co. offers alternative to Newcastle

New Orleans is typically framed as a city of massive inequality, inadequate natural disaster preparedness, deep-seated institutional racism, obesity and low property values. Generally, a lot of people think it shouldn’t exist. “Why build a city below sea level?” they ask. “A single hurricane could undo all our progress in… Continued

Reading Terminal: ‘Inamorata’

“It was as if she held innumerable secrets, and she held them like a temptation and a challenge — discover what I know, and I can show you the world. I could not imagine anyone walking away from her,” author Megan Chance wrote regarding Odile Leon, one of the main… Continued

Hai Street Kitchen has unique food

It’s a sushi roll the size of a sub, and you eat it as though biting into a jumbo egg roll. It is the heart and signature of Philadelphia’s first Japanese burrito bar, Hai Street Kitchen & Co. Structurally, a Hai Street Kitchen roll is the same as an average… Continued