Convict is the ‘voice for voiceless’

Goddard College in Vermont marches to a different drummer. It held a commencement in early October, and it invited as its guest speaker Mumia Abu-Jamal, America’s foremost political prisoner. Mumia is currently serving a life sentence in the shooting death of Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in 1981. Until his… Continued

University opts for retail over academic space

Drexel, a colleague remarked to me the other day, is a university buried inside a shopping mall. Sure looks like it to me. It’s all a matter of priorities. The 3200 block of Chestnut Street used to be somewhat distinguished from the commercial extension of the street across the Schuylkill.… Continued

Oil prices on surprising decline

Oil prices declined by 16 percent since the June high. Why are oil prices declining? What’s the role in the decline? While the oil price has fundamental and political components, are the Saudis trying to hit both? Has Saudi Arabia become more pivotal economically and politically and taken too much risk?… Continued

Is the University straying too far from its roots?

If you looked at the front page today, you might have seen an article about Drexel charging a new fee to prospective students for processing their application. This isn’t an uncommon practice and it isn’t unjustified: paying people to process multiple tens of thousands of applications is expensive, especially when… Continued

Eric Holder won’t be missed as Attorney General

Eric Holder’s unexpected resignation as attorney general, his tearful exit, and the unceremonious way he was shown the door all suggest a forced departure. To which may I add two words: good riddance. Editorial assessments of Holder’s performance have noted his efforts to defend voting rights and gay equality, and… Continued

October: an overcelebrated month

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Pennsylvania House of Representatives will be considering proclaiming it when the General Assembly reconvenes Oct. 6 — along with 10 other resolutions to designate October “National [Something] Month.” Yes, from becoming aware of muscular dystrophy and seeing our chiropractor to meeting the blind and… Continued