Millennials pushing for Republicans

Each Election Day, citizens make their way to the polls to cast their votes in the general elections. Or so we are supposed to. A quick Google News search of “voting” turned up the usual suspects: voter ID frustration, early voting leaders and winner predictions. What I did not expect… Continued

Saudi Arabia attempts to undercut Russian oil

Oil prices collapsed in 1985 after the Saudis could not continue to perform the role of swing producer, which considerably squeezed their oil productions and revenues during those years. They let things go for a while and adopted the net back pricing which within a short period caused the oil… Continued

Moo Over This |Staying vegetarian during Halloween

Most candy in the fun-size packs that we see our little cousins, brothers and sisters gorge on have some sorts of animal products, whether they be milk, eggs, gelatin or honey. The overwhelming amount of sugar might be enough to get people to lay off the sweets, but unfortunately Halloween… Continued

Why you should vote

Election day is coming up this Nov. 4, and if you live within the City of Philadelphia, it’s easy to get a little jaded. Speaking strictly from a mathematical standpoint, our district will be a landslide Democratic victory. Why even show up to the polls, then? Can a single vote,… Continued

US tries to rewrite history with new Vietnam timeline

Three years ago, as we were ending our disastrous war in Iraq, Barack Obama, who first emerged on the national scene by warning against it as a purposeless folly, praised it as a partnership for freedom and democracy with the Iraqi people. I gagged in disgust; perhaps you did too.… Continued

Differences in freedom and liberty

The anarchist poet Herbert Read said that English is a particularly flexible language because it has borrowed so extensively from other languages. His example was that in English it is easy to distinguish between freedom (German “Freiheit”) and liberty (French liberte). I have been thinking again about freedom and liberty… Continued

Prepare for this flu season

In the course of the past few months, hardly a day has gone by without the mention of Ebola.  News of the virus and its victims has overtaken our country, taking priority on our major media outlets and invading our daily lives. Tune into any television or radio news channel… Continued

Letter to the Editor – Campus transformation

Dear Editor: My colleague and friend Robert Zaller, whose observations are always of interest, seems to have gotten it wrong with respect to the newly designed Drexel campus in his editorial of Oct. 10. He writes that “[t]he plaza in front of MacAlister-Creese, which, granted, was a concrete wilderness, has now… Continued

A look into the US economy

In my previous article, “Oil prices on surprising decline,” published Oct. 10, I indicated that in order to understand the signals coming to us from a major economic variable, it is important to read the signs coming from the variables associated with it. For example, to figure out the changes… Continued