Technology fosters dependency

It is sufficient to say that technology has substantially contributed to the advancement of human civilization. A remarkable observation is how science and technology work closely in tandem: applying basic scientific principles can yield highly sophisticated devices, which in turn may lead to major scientific breakthroughs. This positive feedback loop… Continued

Insurance policy is ‘discriminatory’

History professor Robert Zaller recently wrote on the impropriety of Drexel University’s new pension plan (The Triangle, Nov. 21), and the way it was not properly designed in consultation with the faculty senate — a body, it seems, greatly troubled by a lack of openness and expressed jurisdiction, much like… Continued

A Word from the Editor-in-Chief

The following editorial was written at the absolute last second by the Editor-in-Chief. This editorial exists primarily to fill space, and should be considered satire, not be taken seriously. Ah, finals week. A time for intense study, a time to eschew your social obligations in favor of academic rigour, and… Continued

Student calls for protest of Fry’s master plan

Our University prides itself on its enterprising spirit and cyclical campus expansion in an effort to make a greater name for itself. This is so characteristic that some joke said that Drexel is the nation’s oldest up-and-coming university. However, I see little to chuckle at in the newest development plans… Continued

How the rich benefit in a recession

Paul Krugman has a Nobel Prize in economics. I don’t. He writes for a wide audience in The New York Times. I write for a more select one in The Triangle. But I think I have something to tell Professor Krugman, because it seems to me that he is struggling… Continued

Japan’s recession to hurt US exports

To the surprise of many, Japan has pushed itself into another bad recession in the last two quarters of this year. An economic recession is defined as a negative growth rate in two consecutive quarters. This is exactly what happened to Japan when economic growth was negative 7.3 percent in… Continued

OPEC to discuss production cuts

OPEC will have its incoming meeting Nov. 27. This is a considerably important meeting for oil prices, global economic growth and all motorists in the world. OPEC has said that it will not cut its production and will let oil prices, which have already plunged by more than 25 percent… Continued