Style Advice From Ken Downing

Ken Downing, fashion director and executive vice president of Neiman Marcus, came to Drexel April 11 to talk to design students about fall trends. Aside from his witty remarks concerning upcoming trends and color stories, the fashion director gave some sound bites that cannot go undocumented. Read on to hear… Continued

Dear Eloise

Dear Eloise,   Now that you’ve given me all those tips on how to spend my summer, I can’t wait, especially because most of my friends already finished school. What can I do to make it through these last few weeks?   Sincerely, Summer Samantha     Dear Summer Samantha,… Continued

Dear Granny and Eloise

Dear Granny,   I am going to start going on interviews for co-op for next fall, and I am incredibly nervous. With so much at stake, how do I ensure that I make a good impression with a potential boss?   Sincerely, Working William     Dear Working William,  … Continued

Dear Granny and Eloise

Dear Granny and Eloise,   Springtime is finally here! How can I use the weather to my advantage when planning fun activities in Philadelphia?   Sincerely, Stuck & the City   Dear Stuck & the City,   Oh dearie! You see, one of my favorite artists of all time —… Continued

Dear Granny and Eloise

Dear Granny and Eloise, What are some good study-abroad programs?   Sincerely, Wanderlust Waldo   Dear Wanderlust Waldo, Ah, dearie, to have the opportunity to travel is an excellent one. It’s great that you’re looking into it, but where you should go depends on your language skills and your interests.… Continued

Dear Granny and Eloise

Dear Granny and Eloise, My roommate often comes home late at night and turns on the light, which wakes me up. I’ve tried talking to him about it before, but he keeps doing it. How do I get him to stop? Signed, Sleepless in Philadelphia Dear Sleepless in Philadelphia, Life… Continued

Dear Granny & Eloise

Dear Granny and Eloise, I chronically procrastinate. What can I do? Signed, Lazier Than You     Dear Lazier Than You, Don’t procrastinate. Is it really that hard? What do you have to do? Write a paper? Study for an exam? Surely, you had the date well in advance. There’s… Continued

Dear Granny and Eloise

Dear Granny and Eloise, I’m single, and all my friends have significant others. I feel so left out all the time. How can I have fun without being in a relationship? Signed, The Fifth Wheel Dear The Fifth Wheel, Oh, goodness. You whippersnappers are so whiny! What ever happened to… Continued

Sadie Says

Dear Sadie, I have a dilemma. My best friend is cheating on her boyfriend and has been pretty much since they got together a year ago. I usually just operate under the “it’s not my relationship, it’s not my problem” line of thinking when dealing with these kinds of things,… Continued