Egypt, coups and Islam

Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were bad for Egypt. The military’s coup, however, is even worse. Protesters began to enter the streets June 30, the anniversary of Morsi’s inauguration, which marked the general rise of the Muslim Brotherhood within Egyptian politics. Indeed, there was still much to be upset… Continued

Diplomat discusses Arabian revolution

The former deputy prime minister of Jordan referenced last year’s wave of revolutions in the Middle East during a discussion held April 10 at Drexel University and hosted by the Student Alliance of the United Nations Association of the USA. Marwan Muasher, who is also the vice president for studies… Continued

Occupy Wall Street dying down

Justin Roczniak   I was really excited for Occupy Wall Street, I really was. Arab Spring seemed so easy. All those people did was stand around in a public square for a few days, and their oppressive and entrenched rulers pulled a Snagglepuss and exited stage left. Surely a few… Continued

Occupy Wall Street’s next steps

Roger McCain   The Occupy Wall Street movement that emerged in the summer and fall of last year was a creative new development in American politics. Their novel tactic of nonviolent mass trespassing will probably continue to influence events for years to come. It is becoming clear, however, that the… Continued

Vital time for occupy movement

Robert Zaller   The Occupy Wall Street movement is now almost four months old. It began with the spontaneous occupation of Zuccotti Park, a private enclave adjacent to New York’s Financial District, and has since mushroomed across the country. Few, if any, major cities have lacked an occupation. Most have… Continued

Anarchists and their black bloc

Roger McCain   The “Occupy Wall Street” movement, inspired by the Arab Spring revolutions, has rapidly and creatively established its own organizational style for the protests, relying on town meeting, rough consensus, democratic decision making and nonviolence. Their tactics and objectives have grown more aggressive, especially in Oakland, with a… Continued