Troegs’ seasonal Nugget Nectar is well-balanced

We are fortunate to live in a region with a rich brewing tradition and an abundance of high-quality craft breweries. Before Prohibition, the Philadelphia area was home to over 100 independent breweries. Pottsville’s D.G. Yuengling & Son braved the nearly 14-year stretch from the 18th to the 21st amendments by… Continued

Sixpoint Resin IPA drops a rich, intense hop bomb

I mentioned last week that hops are traditionally added at various points during the boiling process of brewing. However, it is also possible to add hops directly to the fermenting vessels in a technique known as dry hopping. Certain chemicals in hops have anti-bacterial properties and act as preservatives, so… Continued

Goose Island IPA strikes simple, flavorful balance

The beer market in the 1980s was dominated by a few megabrews, leaving beer lovers wanting something other than the mass-produced pale lager so ubiquitous at the time. The megabrew culture was especially strong in the Midwest, where the overweight, sausage-eating football fan stereotype was alive and well. Can you… Continued

Java adds a flavorful kick to beer

Purists will tell you that beer should be made with only four ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. In fact, this principle was enshrined in the so-called Reinheitsgebot, or German Beer Purity Law, of 1516. Actually, the Reinheitsgebot only listed three; they didn’t know that yeast existed back then. As… Continued


You can’t talk about craft beer in America without at least mentioning Dogfish Head Craft Brewery. Naming it after a favorite childhood vacation spot in Maine, Sam Calagione opened Dogfish Head Brewing & Eats in 1995 as a brewpub in Rehoboth Beach, Del. Calagione, a curious homebrewer, crafted the first… Continued

Vanilla Porter highlights sweet and savory flavors

You might say that Breckenridge Brewery started out of necessity. Originally from the East Coast, founder Richard Squire began his career, oddly enough, in the garment industry. He was skilled in the industry, having successfully developed a line of outdoor clothing in a young market. However, the call of the… Continued