According to Fox 29, the construction site for Temple University’s new library is also home to a sign that reads “No Foul Language.” Madison Construction, the company responsible for the hired workers does not allow… Continued

Destroying affordable housing

Myers Hall will not be missed for its physical attributes. By all accounts this “temporary” dormitory far exceeded its recommended lifespan. But its impending demolition represents the gradual death of an idea: affordable housing on… Continued

Food for thought

Picture this: it’s a hot summer day and you’re walking home from the grocery store, trying to juggle a watermelon and a gallon of milk. It’s a good walk. About a mile. While you’re managing… Continued

Korman: quad pro quo?

Everyone loves a stroll through Drexel University’s Quad — and the fact that it’s one of the few places to find green grass on campus. But what’s better than that is the quick access it… Continued


Sometimes the things we love disappear without any warning. In the blink of an eye. Or the span of a day. Valentine’s Day. In the Korman Quad. Have you peeped inside the fence that blocks… Continued