Former Gov. urges nationwide move to clean energy

College of Engineering Dean Joseph Hughes and former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter hosted an event April 8 in the Bossone Research Center to discuss the United States’s transition to a clean-energy economy. Around 100 students, professors and local politicians assembled to listen to Ritter speak about clean-energy policy, followed by… Continued

Vanilla Porter highlights sweet and savory flavors

You might say that Breckenridge Brewery started out of necessity. Originally from the East Coast, founder Richard Squire began his career, oddly enough, in the garment industry. He was skilled in the industry, having successfully developed a line of outdoor clothing in a young market. However, the call of the… Continued

Wash. and Colo. legalize marijuana

On Nov. 6, Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize marijuana across the board for both medical and recreational use without a prescription. It’s not decriminalization; it’s complete legalization. Take a moment to let that sink in. Marijuana in Colorado is to be regulated much like alcohol. People… Continued