DIY Clothing hangers

Living in the city for two years has taught me many things. One of the harder lessons I had to learn was that when it comes to my wardrobe, closet space is not the most abundant. My clothes live pretty sandwiched within the miniature built-in closet I have. And clothes… Continued

DIY Pressed Botanicals

Finally, a chance to put your old textbooks to use! This do-it-yourself project is a great way to preserve old flowers and decorate your apartment. Although the work may take about three days to complete, these pressed botanicals are incredibly easy to make. Plus, you can use several types of… Continued

DIY Flowers in a jar

As summer is in full swing, bring some color into your apartment with our quick do-it-yourself flower jar.   Inspired by Taylor Tomasi Hill’s recently founded floral arrangement company, TTHBlooms, this hassle-free DIY embraces the summer season by bringing life into your space. Before launching her company, Tomasi Hill worked… Continued

Double Denim DIY

Metallic Tuxedo Stripe Cutoffs I’m a sucker for anything high-waisted, so when I found these high-rise Gap shorts, I knew I had found the perfect pair to modify. Because these were originally shorts rather than full-length jeans, I started by cutting off the finished hem. Next, I used two strips… Continued

DIY Picture Frame

This week, skip the mushy Valentine’s Day gifts (except chocolate, of course) and give yourself a little tender loving care with an original picture frame that you can decorate yourself. Not only is this project simple to complete, but each frame can be uniquely decorated using everyday objects such as… Continued

DIY Cutout Sweatshirt

This past season saw elements of the ultimate lazy uniform — sneakers and sweatshirts — infiltrate fall collections from Maison Martin Margiela to Madewell. If this isn’t concrete evidence for the trickle-up theory, I don’t know what is. Take a cue from industry forerunners and update a workout staple with… Continued

DIY Embellished Shoulder

Christophe Decarnin set the fashion scene on fire when he sent a series of seriously embellished shoulders down the runway at Balmain in 2010. The strong shoulder trend is not going away anytime soon, and while a Balmain jacket runs upwards of $9,000, we found a ridiculously inexpensive way to… Continued

DIY Ear Cuff

Our generation tends to want all the fun without any of the commitment. While this usually has less-than-desirable consequences, on rare occasions we can get away scot-free. This is why we are obsessed with ear cuffs. As low-maintenance, simple jewelry pieces, they can add edge to your outfit without the… Continued

DIY Floating Illusion Necklace

What is bolder and takes less effort to make than a statement necklace? This essential piece can dress up any simple outfit and add the perfect amount of personalization. With just a few statement necklaces, you can bring new life into your closet without breaking a sweat, or more importantly,… Continued

DIY Tutorial: Leather Tassel

Taking a page from Phillip Lim 3.1, which has arguably produced some of the most sought-after accessories of the year, we have reinterpreted the leather tassel key chain to fit seamlessly into both your wardrobe and your budget.   You will need: (faux) leather or suede super glue large jump… Continued