A look into the US economy

In my previous article, “Oil prices on surprising decline,” published Oct. 10, I indicated that in order to understand the signals coming to us from a major economic variable, it is important to read the signs coming from the variables associated with it. For example, to figure out the changes… Continued

Rise of US dollar could prove viable

The U.S. dollar has appreciated by about 6 percent against major currencies, such as the euro and the yen, in the last two months. This comes on the heels of being beaten and pronounced undervalued by markets participants for the last six years. In fact, there are signs that the… Continued

Unintended consequences

Throughout history, we’ve witnessed the ascension of fringe political parties into power when their economies were in prolonged downturn and their citizens were unhappy. The Bolsheviks ousting the unpopular Czar and the Nazis taking over the provisional government are two of the most popular and more extreme examples in recent… Continued

Business: too big to prosecute?

How much is $1.8 billion? That all depends on how you look at it. If you’re Steve Cohen, the director and sole owner of SAC Capital, a group of hedge funds, it’s about 20 percent of your personal net worth. Agreeing to pay the government 20 percent of your net… Continued

Corruption in the House

A few days ago, something really crazy happened in the House of Representatives, and you probably haven’t heard a word about it. To understand the depths of this crazy, however, we have to take a painful but thankfully brief look into our recent history. More specifically, we have to go… Continued

Airline fares on the rise

Summer is here, and this season’s travel is in an advanced planning stage if not already underway. I used to travel from New York to Amman, Jordan, and vice versa for my annual vacation almost every year. Now I cannot do that, and I have to spend some summers in… Continued

Is capitalism a crime?

Recently I ran across an article in The New York Times on business ethics. Business and ethics? Isn’t that an oxymoron? The author, Jesse Eisinger, suggested that banks and investors will routinely “forgive rotten ethics for good returns.” Not the most elegantly turned phrase, but, excuse me, doesn’t “rotten ethics”… Continued

Treasury bonds reach 2 percent interest

The current debate regarding the U.S. economy revolves around the recent hike in interest rates as represented by the 10-year Treasury bond rate. This rate had spent most of the last four years dancing below 1.85 percent, which is considered very low by historical standards. Suddenly, this rate has risen… Continued

CNN’s Velshi talks economy, politics

The Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts & Design partnered with the LeBow College of Business to host “A View from the Top with Ali Velshi” Dec. 3 in Behrakis Grand Hall. Students, faculty and alumni gathered to hear Velshi’s input on topics including the current economy, political controversy and… Continued

Why gas prices continue to rise

The driving season in the United States, which seasonally pushes gasoline prices higher, is long behind us, but the average national price for gasoline on Oct. 1 in this country was $3.80, which is the highest on record for this time of year. It also seems that there is no… Continued