Grouplove leaves crowd tongue tied

As an 80-year-old soul trapped in the frame of a temperamental, teenage college kid, I prefer the enticing comfort of my snug bed to going out to a concert on a bitterly cold night. So when The Triangle’s photo editor, Ajon Brodie, offered a ticket to a certain Grouplove’s show,… Continued

Dr. Dog rocks out to sold-out crowd

There was palpable energy emanating from the crowd in the Electric Factory Feb. 1. The doors had only been open for half an hour and the venue was already three-quarters full with a wide variety of patrons. There were plenty of 20-somethings like myself but also a ton of older… Continued

Aoki takes fans by surprise

Steve Aoki graced the stage of the Electric Factory Oct. 24 alongside rapper Waka Flocka Flame and dubstep disc jockey Borgore. After the first opening DJ finished his set, Waka Flocka wasted no time getting the audience hyped, as he made a quick entrance onto the stage. Waka’s drummer followed… Continued

Franti’s music energizes Philly fans

It was at the 2012 Firefly Music Festival that I first saw Michael Franti. I wasn’t familiar with his music  besides his well-known song “Say Hey,” but my friend told me I had to see him. After that show, I knew why. A modern-day Bob Marley, Franti is the definition… Continued

The xx dazzles Philly with rescheduled show

I’m a firm believer that every music lover should develop a bucket list of shows they absolutely must see before they disappear into the ether. Live music has a way of elevating and refreshing an artist’s source material, uniting people through intimate emotions expressed in song. It’s pretty freaking magical.… Continued

Gaslight Anthem enthralls Philly with extensive set

The Gaslight Anthem thrashed the stage of the Electric Factory Nov. 27 amid a full house of fans. The five-piece act from New Brunswick, N.J., was supported by Chester County native Matthew Ryan and punk band The Menzingers from Scranton, Pa. A soft, ambient chord, surrounded by gritty, desperate vocals… Continued