At least we’ll have guns

Donald Trump’s proposed budget plan for the forthcoming fiscal year will likely see cuts in various areas. One of these areas is the Environmental Protection Agency. Under the new budget plan, $2.6 billion of the… Continued

Green politics can save us

The nomination of Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency showed exactly what President Donald Trump’s commitment, or lack thereof, to the environment would be for the duration of his presidency.… Continued


In the age of digitalization and social media, science is available to everyone — at least, that was the case until Donald Trump took office. Just hours after Trump’s inauguration, word got out that several… Continued

Green power noted by EPA

Drexel University was recently named the 2010-11 Individual Conference Champion by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for using more green power than any other university in the Colonial Athletic Association. The EPA ranked schools… Continued