Student Affairs puts on drag show in Main

It takes a lot of nerve to entertain more than 500 people anticipating a bedazzling performance. But to do so in eight-inch heels and garish attire takes a certain audacity particular to performers at the Drexel Drag Show. The Drexel Drag Show took place April 3 and featured Shangela Laquifa… Continued

New quad seriously flawed

So, recently, I was watching an episode of The Triangle Live with Sandra Petri (a great Internet YouTube television program, by the way; I recommend it highly) about the origins of the Drexel Shaft. Most of us on campus today don’t know it beyond an abstract concept of “I was… Continued

The modern GOP, a party of zombies

They say there’s no room for a third party in American politics. There’s a reason for that: If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can both agree on, it’s making ballot access for third parties as difficult as possible. But wait: Isn’t that antidemocratic? Yes, with the small “d.” For… Continued

Annual flower show blooms at Convention Center

The annual Philadelphia Horticultural Society Philadelphia Flower Show opened to the public at the Pennsylvania Convention Center Saturday, March 1, and closed March 9. Dating back to 1829, the Philadelphia Flower Show has grown to boast the hefty reputation of the world’s largest indoor flower show, featuring the world’s premier… Continued

The GOP has a big gay problem

Saturday concluded the 2014 Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md. Like every CPAC, the event featured fiery speeches, big name politicians and men looking for gay sex. If Craigslist for the National Harbor area is any indication, more than a handful of self-identified CPAC attendees were looking to… Continued


“Everything That Happens Will Happen Today” — the title of a 2008 album from David Byrne and Brian Eno, and the perfect description for the approach of the Drexel men’s basketball team to the 2014 Colonial Athletic Association Tournament. Senior guard Frantz Massenat has started 127 games for Drexel. Graduate… Continued

‘The Vagina Monologues’ empowers through words

Drexel faculty, staff and students joined together to take an active stand to end violence against women and girls Feb. 28 and March 1 with performances of V-Day’s award-winning play, “The Vagina Monologues.” Spoken directly to the audience in a series of monologues, “The Vagina Monologues” has become a celebration… Continued

Catastrophe in Crimea

Russian troops have established control over most of the Crimean peninsula, a sizable portion of eastern Ukraine that juts out into the Black Sea, since Feb. 27. They came primarily from Russia’s naval bases in Crimea, quickly seizing control. They were assisted by pro-Russia militiamen, who may have been directed… Continued

Men’s bball seniors go out with 56-45 win

Fall 2010 was as important a three months as the Drexel men’s basketball program has ever seen. In the three years preceding that fall, the Dragons had compiled a combined record of 43-50 in their previous three seasons, good for a .462 winning percentage. Those three subpar seasons came on… Continued