Fry’s new project will merge offices

The offices of the University Registrar, Financial Aid and the Bursar will be consolidated into Drexel Central, a collaborative effort to make serving students easier and more efficient, President John A. Fry announced Jan. 17 in an email to the University community. Currently, representatives from the three offices report to… Continued

Drexel ranks eighth most expensive university

According to a recent article published by Campus Grotto, Drexel is the eighth-most expensive university in America, trailing behind New York University, Columbia University and Dartmouth College. The article, which was published Oct. 4, factored things like tuition, fees, and room and board into the calculations of the 100 most… Continued

Put your money where your mouth is, which describes itself as “a premier site for business and financial market news,” published a story April 24 with the ominous title “Colleges Confuse Students with Letters Offering Aid That’s Debt.” And as soon as you read the first paragraph, you realize it’s partially about Drexel. Zach Romano, a… Continued

University responds to tuition dispute

College blog Campus Grotto released an article Dec. 6 that named Drexel University the most expensive college in the country by net price for the 2011-2012 school year. The article, titled “A Look at Expensive Schools and their Net Price,” aimed to make a distinction between a university’s “sticker price”… Continued

Drexel named one of least affordable recently ranked Drexel University as one of the top 10 least affordable colleges, based on information obtained from a college cost database launched by the U.S. Department of Education. The Department of Education unveiled its new College Affordability and Transparency Center June 30 with the intention of informing students… Continued

Financial aid hinders students

She was one of the brightest students attending Drexel. She was fun, friendly and hard working. Her career goal was to become a psychologist and help people through their disorders. Working until the late hours of night, she was often still studying and working from her textbooks as I climbed… Continued