Las Cazuelas takes Philly south of the border

Call me Alejandra, because Las Cazuelas has transported me from its location on the border of ┬áNorthern Liberties and Olde Kensington to Puebla, Mexico, the hometown of chef Alfredo Aguilar. Although the small Mexican restaurant is inconspicuous in appearance, its food is anything but modest. The menu does not offer… Continued

Fare’s traditional dishes enhanced by local product

In a city fast becoming recognizable for its array of restaurants with any number of options and substitutions for even the most celiac-prone lactose intolerant vegan, Fare does a spectacular job making adult-aged children like myself sit down and eat their vegetables with a smile and giving patrons a satisfying… Continued

Mizu Sushi is inexpensive, but Unagi Don lacks spice, texture

As I was making my way to Fresh Grocer (some food critics, myself included, possess the ability not only to assess a culinary masterpiece but also to prepare one), I came across Mizu Sushi Bar. Though inconspicuous when compared to its more flamboyant neighbor, Distrito, I recalled the name from… Continued