Dining hall difficulties

Recently, Drexel University’s administration sent an email to students, inviting us to take a professor to the Handschumacher Dining Center for a discussion and a meal. Personally, I was a bit confused, since April 1 is still three months away. If we’re being honest with ourselves, the Hans is the… Continued


At Drexel, lunch trucks seem to dominate the campus. We have a myriad of gourmet trucks near Buckley Field, and the typical “grease trucks” spread out throughout campus. What college student doesn’t like to revert to quick, convenient and cheap food? I can’t deny my love for Cucina Zapata or… Continued

Amada offers classic Spanish tapas

For the end of my first year at Drexel, two of my friends and I decided to go out. We wanted to celebrate our triumph of surviving freshman year in addition to saying goodbye before the three of us separated and spent our summer holiday in different states. Therefore, we… Continued

El Rey upholds Starr’s foodie fame

Stephen Starr never fails to impress. I’ve been a huge fan of his restaurants since coming to Philly, and I become excessively excited and even proud every time I visit one of his places. This is partly because the costs of said visits make them infrequent; his restaurants are not… Continued

South Street hosts Night Market

The ever-popular Philadelphia Night Market returned for the third time this year Aug. 15, bringing together over 80 food and drink vendors for a summer extravaganza on South Street. Their largest event yet, Night Market, hosted by The Food Trust, spanned nine blocks from Front Street to 9th Street from… Continued

The recipe for racism

Total time: varies Prep: however long it takes to cultivate racism Cook: however long it takes to enact racism Yields: 1 serving Ingredients: 1 chicken 3 rotten eggs 1 cup blindingly white sauce (the whiter, the better) 2 cups powdered bigotry (preferred over flour) 1 teaspoon narrow-mindedness 2 doughnuts ⅓… Continued

GMOs are our friends

Recently, The Triangle featured an article in the Enviroweekly column that discussed the so-called dangers of genetically modified organisms. While the movement against GMOs has gained momentum in recent years with large lawsuits being filed against companies such as Monsanto across a multitude of countries, it is important to address… Continued

EnviroWeekly | The problem with GMOs

You would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn’t heard of genetically modified organisms in our food at this point. It’s a topic often touched upon in the mainstream media, and people have various opinions and theories about the issue of GMOs. There are articles that argue that GMO… Continued