Meal plan: real scam

Drexel University’s freshman dining plan is a scam. Students pay thousands of dollars a year, in exchange for dining options that leave them both wanting and needing more. Since my first term at Drexel this… Continued

All Hans on deck

Somewhere between your mom’s home cooking and well-disguised sawdust lies the cuisine served at Drexel’s own Handschumacher Dining Hall. Students’ opinions don’t vary much on the quality of food: it’s been universally panned for as… Continued

Meal plan not worth price

It is no secret that the Handschumacher Dining Center, Sodexo and the entire Drexel Campus Dining establishment are unpopular with students. Forgetting previous Triangle articles and the occasionally reported bout of food poisoning, it is… Continued

Dining hall difficulties

Recently, Drexel University’s administration sent an email to students, inviting us to take a professor to the Handschumacher Dining Center for a discussion and a meal. Personally, I was a bit confused, since April 1… Continued

Freshmen blame Hans for sickness

Several Drexel students claimed to have received food poisoning at the Handschumacher Dining Center between Jan. 29 and Jan. 30. Sarah Yacoubian, a freshman computer engineering major, described the experience in an interview: “On Tuesday… Continued