Quarterly billing: a very welcome change

President John A. Fry informed students via email Nov. 19 that the University will move from annual billing to quarterly billing starting in fall 2014, in response to student feedback. Fry stated that the new system will increase academic flexibility, simplify the billing process, and reduce the administrative burden on… Continued

Stalemate in Washington felt on campus

Putting everyone’s differing opinions about Drexel aside, we can all agree on one thing: It is extremely expensive, and every little dollar counts. Many college students rely heavily on scholarships and work-study funds to get by during the school year, and recent federal budget cuts are certainly not making it… Continued

Massive monuments to mammon

I don’t recall anyone ever taking a poll of the faculty and staff who work in the MacAlister-Creese complex or the students who use it daily about whether they wanted the building to be permanently embalmed behind an academic version of the Twin Towers. I’ve taken my own private one,… Continued

Put your money where your mouth is

Bloomberg.com, which describes itself as “a premier site for business and financial market news,” published a story April 24 with the ominous title “Colleges Confuse Students with Letters Offering Aid That’s Debt.” And as soon as you read the first paragraph, you realize it’s partially about Drexel. Zach Romano, a… Continued

Letter to the Editor – Dining Dollars

Dear Editor,   Dragon Dollars, Dining Dollars and meal swipes are all terms that average students at Drexel are familiar with. Rationing meals and dining dollars is the hassle of a freshman student attempting to eat three square meals a day. Between spending Dining Dollars at Northside Dining Terrace on… Continued