Business festival pops in the quad

The festival known as Recess made its way to Drexel as part of its nationwide tour April 8. The events of the festival took place both in front of Gerri C. LeBow Hall and inside the building as activities progressed into the later part of the evening. The entire act… Continued

Moore of Tennis talks new album

There are bands that are celebrated either for their romanticized stories or their idyllic music. And then there is Tennis. The Denver-based indie pop band is comprised of husband-and-wife duo Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore. What is more mellifluous than the sound of their music is the story that precedes… Continued

Triangle Talks with Emily Levine

Emmy Levine is a junior at Drexel who created her own major, music industry and psychology, in an effort to improve the lives of teenagers and now travels the nation working for music festivals. The Triangle: What’s your story? What brought you to Drexel? Emmy Levine: I came to Drexel… Continued

Grouplove leaves crowd tongue tied

As an 80-year-old soul trapped in the frame of a temperamental, teenage college kid, I prefer the enticing comfort of my snug bed to going out to a concert on a bitterly cold night. So when The Triangle’s photo editor, Ajon Brodie, offered a ticket to a certain Grouplove’s show,… Continued

Music To Your Ears

The relationship between music and fashion is simply undeniable. With designers dressing some of the biggest music artists, and singers in return working designers’ names into their popular ballads, everyone can see the connection that exists between the industries. One of the biggest elements of designers’ fashion shows is the… Continued

Moonshine Heather talks new EP

You may have seen Philly-based alternative group Moonshine Heather around campus. This singer-songwriter duo is a product of the Drexel Music Industry Program, and they look to launch their career into the music scene. Featuring Alexanda Berenson and Maura Mullen, both on guitar and vocals, Moonshine Heather is inspired by… Continued

Red Wanting Blue plays World Cafe

­­­­I first saw the eclectic Red Wanting Blue at the Bunbury Festival in ­­­­Cincinn­­ati over the summer of 2013 and instantly fell in love with their lyric-driven rock ‘n’ roll style that is reminiscent of Collective Soul and Better than Ezra. Then, when I heard they were coming to Philadelphia… Continued