M. soccer rebounds after early season road bumps

In an 18-game regular season, any signs of struggle early on could greatly affect postseason seeding or eligibility. Following a 0-2-1 start, including a loss to Sacred Heart University, the Drexel men’s soccer team remained composed and responded with three consecutive victories. The Dragons began their season Aug. 30 at… Continued

Dragons revive axed baseball team as club sport

You can just imagine the scene. College baseball players are gathered around, maybe in the dugout or maybe after a long and hard-fought game to end their season. Their uniforms are probably dirtied and grass-stained, smudged eye-black on both cheeks. Instead of the manager walking in to go through the… Continued

O’Bannon’s lawsuit against NCAA gains momentum

Curt Flood is a name that gets lost in the annals of sports history. His name becomes forgotten because his performance on the field pales in comparison to his accomplishment off the field. Flood, the former St. Louis Cardinals outfielder, challenged Major League Baseball’s reserve clause in 1969 and changed… Continued

Goalies drive success in NCAA lax finals

Sports teams are often compared to cars. It is certainly not a surprising phenomenon, considering the growth in popularity of sports coinciding with the growth of the automobile industry in the United States. Analysts, coaches and fans throw around terminology like “well-oiled machine” and “firing on all cylinders” from time… Continued

Men’s lax season comes to an end

The Drexel men’s lacrosse team’s identity this season was no secret, as the Dragons boasted a run-and-gun style of play that resulted in lots of scoring opportunities. Was it entertaining? Absolutely. Was it consistent? Eh, not so much. At times, Drexel was unstoppable, filling the net at will while opponents… Continued

A well-deserved congratulations

For as long as any of us have been at Drexel, the bar for defining any of our sports teams’ seasons as a success has never been set too high. We’ve seldom had a “championship or bust” mentality because none of our teams had ever won a postseason title. Having… Continued

Corporations, Persons, and Penn State University

Bill Moyers once said, “I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.” Is a corporation a person? That’s not an easy question to answer because the word “person” has more than one meaning. The word “person” can be used in a theological sense, though I doubt anyone means to… Continued