Iraq: ‘the garden of forking paths’

On June 29, the first day of Ramadan, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria declared that it had established a caliphate and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, its erstwhile leader, would from now on be known as Caliph Ibrahim and serve as Emir al-Mu’minin, or the commander of the faithful. Al-Baghdadi… Continued

The modern GOP, a party of zombies

They say there’s no room for a third party in American politics. There’s a reason for that: If there’s one thing Democrats and Republicans can both agree on, it’s making ballot access for third parties as difficult as possible. But wait: Isn’t that antidemocratic? Yes, with the small “d.” For… Continued

Obama defines Promise Zone in Philly

President Barack Obama has directed federal agencies to focus a helping hand on the neighborhood that borders the northern outskirts of Drexel University’s West Philadelphia campus, labeling the area a Promise Zone. First mentioned during last year’s State of the Union address, Obama’s Promise Zone Initiative is designed to channel… Continued

Obama’s had a bad year

It seems an age ago that Barack Obama, after his convincing defeat of Mitt Romney in 2012, began his second term in office. The president had fresh wind in his sails. In his inaugural and State of the Union addresses, he laid out an agenda of gun control before a… Continued

Enviroweekly | The politics of climate change

Many of us know that this week has been pretty eventful at our nation’s capital — the Supreme Court declared a discriminatory section of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional, thereby allowing the federal government to recognize same-sex marriages, and issued a ruling upholding the U.S. District Court’s ruling regarding… Continued

Leftists: living in a state of denial?

President Barack Obama has sent a budget to Congress, which I guess is news because he’s overlooked that particular function of the executive branch until now. However, the news that seems to have grabbed everyone’s attention is his proposal to cut Social Security benefits by recalculating the cost-of-living adjustment formula… Continued

Second term, second chance

When I first heard of President Obama’s announcement to push for a complete freeze of Israeli settlements in 2009, I was working in East Jerusalem. Ziad, one of my editors, was ecstatic with the news, forcing every employee within the office to view the video clips of Obama’s declaration. Perhaps… Continued

The State of the Union address

President Barack Obama gave the first State of the Union address of his second term Feb. 12 before a joint session of Congress. The address, which is mandated by the U.S. Constitution, is typically given annually and is an opportunity for the president to lay out his policy goals for… Continued

Letter to the Editor – Environment

Dear Editor, President Obama has said that addressing climate change is an “obligation” we cannot ignore. Let’s hope that as he prepares to begin a second term in office, he is ready to fulfill that obligation by taking real action to reduce climate change. Changing our communities to be more… Continued

Students weigh in on Obama victory

Barack Obama was re-elected Nov. 6 for his second term as president of the United States. Obama won over former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney with 50 percent of the popular vote and 303 electoral votes; 270 electoral votes are needed to win a presidential election. Republicans maintained their majority in… Continued