Vital time for occupy movement

Robert Zaller   The Occupy Wall Street movement is now almost four months old. It began with the spontaneous occupation of Zuccotti Park, a private enclave adjacent to New York’s Financial District, and has since mushroomed across the country. Few, if any, major cities have lacked an occupation. Most have… Continued

What’s Happening in Philly

Nick Cassway’s “The Indulgencies” James Oliver Gallery is pleased to announce “The Indulgencies,” an exhibition of computer-cut vinyl drawings by Nick Cassway. Cassway’s new body of work uses computer-cut vinyl on Plexiglas to display graphically bold portraits of his friends at play. The subjects in The Indulgencies are derived from candid… Continued

The future do-it-yourself utopia

Roger McCain   As I write, the “Occupy Wall Street” movement continues and has spread to cities from Portland, Maine to Santa Barbara to Philadelphia. The demonstrators seem to be mostly young people who see little future for themselves in the “new normal” economy. They have been criticized for having… Continued

Philadelphians protest government corruption

Last week, in an article regarding the job crisis for college graduates, The Triangle reported on the Philadelphia segment of the Occupy Wall Street protests, which were initially composed of 1,000 New Yorkers protesting the encroachment of corporations and lobbyists on government. The movement soon spread worldwide to dozens of… Continued